Instantly Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your OFFER With Social Proof Notifications

Proofomo is the first and only software to integrate with jvzoo, warriorplus and wordpress to display social proof notifications.


Proofomo Features:

  • Customizable Notifications and Timerbar Themes
  • JVzoo API and IPN Integration
  • WarriorPlus IPN Integration
  • Verified buyer page
  • Embed on any website outside of WordPress
  • Views and Clicks Tracking
  • No Monthly Fee!

The fear of missing out can have a powerful effect on shoppers. A split test done by WhichTestWon showed that when a countdown timer was placed on a product page, it converted nearly 9% better than a variation of the product page without a countdown timer.

There is potential for visitors on your website to procrastinate and try to delay their decision to buy. According to a study done by Centre De Recherche DMPS consumers that were seen as high procrastinators had a 73% chance to not make a purchase decision immediately. Consumers that were determined to be low procrastinators still had a 26% chance. Introducing a product or time shortage, your customers will be less likely to delay their buying decision.

A study done by DigitalCommons at the University of Nebraska in 2013 monitored and surveyed 14 shoppers. Study participants shopped at various stores, with most stores using perceived scarcity strategies such as limited quantities and limited-time sales. The study found that the retail stores that had perceived scarcity produced psychological effects such as consumer competitiveness, urgency to buy, in-store hiding, and in-store hoarding.

While your objective isn’t to turn your website visitors into rabid shoppers, you do want to encourage people to act immediately, and that’s where scarcity comes in. You can introduce perceived scarcity to your off by creating a product or time shortage.

Today’s buyers have more choices and possibilities than ever before, and the Internet and all of the information online ensures buyers are even more educated. But the downside to having so many options is that buyers often worry about whether they are making the right choices or potentially missing out on something better. As humans, we are innately motivated by what we don’t have and the anxiety of opportunity cost.

But what if you could place a notification pop up on your website with information of what they are missing out on and solve that problem?







What Can You Do with Proofomo?


Bulild Scarcity

Run engaging, high-converting social proof notifications.


Automated Notifications

Create evergreen notification/timers that run 24/7 on your website and sales funnels.


Build your Email List

Coming soon free for chartered members.


Live Stats

The ‘Live Stats’ allow you to easily see analytics, and detailed reporting. 'views' and 'clicks'

Proofomo Has Loads of Features!


Proofomo + JVZoo

Proofomo integrates with JVZoo and WordPress CMS, making it super easy to get and manage your social proof data directly from the WordPress dashboard.


Proofomo + WarriorPlus

Proofomo integrates with WarriorPlus and WordPress CMS, making it super easy to get and manage your social proof data directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Javascript Code Embed or WP Short Code

You can embed your proofomo social proof notifications outside of WordPress on any Web Page. or any of your wp pages using the shortcode


Customizable Templates

We provide professionally designed templates you can utilize to create your notifications. Each template can be fully customized color options, text color border size, and lots more.

Customizable Templates

View a Live Demo of proofomo in action

Notification Page

Create Notification Easily

You can create a notification in less than a minute.

Create Notification

Add Timer

You can add a timer to your notification pop couple that with fomo (fear of missing out) and social proof and you got a winner.

Add Timer

JVZOO API and IPN Integration

You can easily integrate proofomo with jvzoo by simply inputting your api key or secret key.


JVZOO Proucts Imported Or Real Time

When you integrate with JVZoo you can import your buyers and also add buyers to your notification pop up in real time.

Viral Sharing

Verified Page

A verified page feature is added to your notification that will encourage your sale prospects to go ahead and buy whatever you are offering.

Display Settings

You can adjust your notification set up and behavior with the ability to "allow users to close to the notification", "triggering notifications to open in a new window" and "randomizing the delay time between each notification and the power button thats shuts down simulation.

Live Console

Display Behavior

Control how many seconds beore your notification appears how many seconds before it disappers and how many seconds it delays also set position of your pop up.

Live Questions

Notification Templates

You can customize any part of the templates to your liking all you do is a click a mouse or a few keys no coding skills required all flexible and intuitive.


Import Transactions

Import all of your recent JVZOO product or affiliate transactions to ANY site that has Proofomo installed on it.



"Any income or earnings statements are estimates of income potential only, and there is no assurance that your earnings will match the figures presented, which are given as examples. Your reliance on the figures we present is at your own risk. Any income or earnings depicted are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for the average Affiliate."

Choose the Proofomo Package that Fits Your Needs



  • Install on Two Sites
  • Host Unlimited Notifications
  • Host Unlimited Timers
  • Customized Notificatin Templates
  • Verified Buyer Page
  • Javascript Embed Code
  • WordPress Shortcode
  • Stats Reports
  • Lifetime Support
  • Product Updates

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Proofomo a monthly recurring payment?

No! Proofomo is a one-time fee. Pay once and you own the software for life.

How do I install Proofomo?

Proofomo work with any WordPress site as a plugin, so you would simply install it like any other WP plugin and you are ready to go. It does not conflict with your existing theme.

Do you provide support if I have a question?

Yes, our support staff is here to help you if you have any questions or concerns. We also provide in-depth training and tutorials inside the plugin.